Advertise on International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF)


Advertise on IEEF
Promote your business on IEEF, a web site targeted towards people who concern energy and environment sectors. By placing your company's brand on IEEF you gain exposure to a wide range of clean energy and environment enthusiasts.

Site Sponsor
Become a site sponsor on IEEF and have visitors associate your brand with IEEF. Site sponsors are featured prominently on main page of IEEF with a banner image linked to a URL. Sponsors should provide one image in GIF or JPEG format with a size of 120 x 150 pixels. Sponsors should also provide one URL for the image to link to, and text for the "alt" tag. When a visitor clicks on your image, your URL will open in the browser window.

Pricing for site sponsorship is
$1000US per year. Placement of the site sponsor banners will correspond to the order in which site sponsorship orders are received.

How to Get Started
Once we have your promotional collateral, your ad will run within 3 day. Email us at ( to get started today.